Ultra-high definition underwater cinematography. Superior pixel-perfect image quality and visual impact. Production support and interface between marine researchers and productions.

Multimedia Projects

Awe inspiring specialized fine art photography. Unique images suitable for graphic design, digital displays, and 3D photography-based reconstruction and modelling

Speciality Techniques

Focus stacking, supermacro, precision motorisation, low light, microscopy, and stereography. Adapting cutting-edge filming and image processing technologies.


for some of the world’s finest productions




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  • Postproduction
  • Image Processing
  • Media Library
  • Underwater Production Support
  • Science Background
  • Tara Pacific

Our unique studio provides specialized cinematography in a controlled environment independent of weather and sea conditions. With precision motorization equipment we can approach the smallest objects end employ complex filming techniques nearly impossible to achieve in the field.

The current trends in the media industry are exceptionally resolution and colour-depth hungry. Our in-depth knowledge of the digital media, biology, and optics guarantees out-of-this world images that can satisfy even the needs of the bleeding edge display technologies.

Image acquisition and processing are just initial parts of media production. Our experience in image finishing, editing, motion graphics, vfx, 3d, animation, illustration, design, etc. enables us to deliver finished products. We handle everything from graphic design of posters/brochures to promotional clips and films.

Our supermacro image acquisition process relies on focus stacking and deconvolution to generate videos with extended depth of field. Using raw, 16 bit, extended colour space formats and up to 8K workflows, the processing requirements are extremely high.

We can deliver ready-to-broadcast footage in any format, including the new generation 12-bit HDR UHD Rec. 2020.

Our processing workstations and render farms are also used for motion graphics, 3d animation, and VFX.

Our media library contains visual, artistic, biological, and documentary content. We work on story sequences and are ready to provide with logically organized video segments. The content includes both video and still images.

Focus stacked supermacro is particularly spectacular visual content suitable for projections, displays, and films in 4k and above.

Our growing image library contains high resolution photographs of marine and freshwater topics recorded through dedicated supermacro lenses, research-grade microscopes, and custom-built optical systems. The unique images represent complex optical reconstructions of live animals that preserve colours and details of object in their native state.

Our raw image files contain three-dimensional data that facilitate construction of 3D models.

In addition, we are able to provide access to one of the largest and most diverse stock footage libraries in the world, through our partners at Plankton Productions.

BioQuest Studios is part of NUMA, a team highly experienced in the coordination and support of underwater productions from beneath polar ice to tropical seas. With a full range of permits for filming within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park we have access to some of the world’s most diverse and spectacular underwater sites.

Members of our team have marine biology, microbiology, and microscopy backgrounds. We keep up to date with developments, publications, and events in marine biology. In addition, we have established connections with leading marine researchers from AIMS, University of Queensland,  CSIRO, CNRS, CRIOBE, Centre Scientifique de Monaco, etc.

We are meticulous about scientific accuracy of the information we provide to productions. In addition, we mediate the interactions between producers and researchers.

BioQuest Studios is proud to be mission partner of the Tara Pacific Expedition 2016-2018, providing underwater filming and image acquisition.

The expedition focuses on the biodiversity of coral reefs in the Pacific Ocean and their adaptation to man-made climate change.  The interdisciplinary team of scientist is crossing the Pacific region from east to west, following an increasing gradient of biodiversity to the “Coral Triangle” zone, considered a  “hot spot” of biodiversity. The schooner (Tara) is traversing 11 time zones of the world’s largest ocean, and visits the most remote islands and reefs.

The main objective of the research project is to understand the evolution of coral reefs in the context of climate and demographic changes.

We are not limited by off-the-shelf equipment


BioQuest Studios is a media production company located on the doorstep to the Great Barrier Reef—Port Douglas, Australia.

BioQuest was founded by a team of highly skilled people with a unique blend of extensive production experience, high quality image standards, and in-depth scientific knowledge of subjects and phenomena.

We use the most advanced technologies and explore the most challenging topics in the underwater filmmaking and photography.


BioQuest Studios imaging technique opens a microscopic vista on corals that the world has not seen before. Now we can see the finest detail of polyps without a microscope and putting the corals under stress. This is a new way of looking at marine life as it really is rather than how we are.

Prof. J.E.N. Veron
Former Chief Scientist of the Australian Institute of Marine Science, Author "Corals of the World"

I would like to go on record saying that BioQuest Studios is breaking new boundaries in documentary making.  The combination of an exquisite understanding of nature with excellence in advanced imaging combines to create an experience that is unrivaled.  It is as if one is looking at many of the subjects for the first time. It is extraordinary in my opinion.


Prof. Ove Hoegh-Guldberg
Director of the Global Change Institute at the University of Queensland,

Bioquest Studio’s images of life underwater, focusing on corals, are unique and reveal the microscopic functioning of coral. These amazing images are showing the real life of corals and the results of their astonishing photographic processes are inspiring new questions and research.

Serge Planes
Director of the CRIOBE, Moorea , French Polynesia,
I love your work and site – art and science combined – the best way to share the beauty and diversity of the natural world. Your films about  corals resonate with our plankton videos.
I hope we can collaborate to put the two together and explore new microscopic worlds
Christian Sardet
CNRS emeritus research director at the Observatoire Océanologique of Villefranche-sur-Mer,


Pete West

Technical director. Professional diver, mariner, and underwater camera operator with over 40 years of experience.

Daniel Stoupin

Creative director. Biologist and multi-skilled production generalist.

Louise Polain

Chief Administrative Officer of NUMA/BioQuest Studios. Professional diver and biologist.

David Hannan

Director of Field Acquisition. Underwater camera operator and mariner.

Helene Ash

European Representative. Underwater photographer and graphic designer.


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