Cinematic Microscopy

BioQuest Studios has extensive experience in digital imaging, optics, and microscopy. We utilize this knowledge to achieve cinematic images.

Among the types of digital imaging we perform are:

  • Real-time up to 8k filming
  • Cinematic precision motion control
  • Horizontal and multi-axis microscopy
  • Complex time lapses, including focus stacking and multi-channel imaging
  • Wide spectrum imaging
  • Sophisticated illumination techniques
  • Microperfusion, microclimate control, and build of specialized mini-tanks
  • Computation-heavy imaging
  • Portable equipment
  • A range of microscopy adapters to be able to deploy cinematic cameras in the laboratory
  • Custom-built and microcontroller-programmed opticomechanics


The imaging is often followed by extensive computational tasks such as focus stacking, deconvolution, AI-imaging, various forms of data extraction.

Our equipment is designed, built, and programmed in house to ensure compatibility with cinematic cameras and our postproduction workflow.