Image and Video Use

All digital media and text are copyright © BioQuest Studios. This page summarizes the copyright status of our video and still work. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Video Use

What is free

Our online clips (YouTube and Vimeo) can be embedded in social networks,  non-commercial websites, and personal blogs. When you embed our video, please make sure it is hosted from our YouTube or Vimeo account.

What is not free or requires written permission

– Editing or adapting videos for your purposes without our permission, even when it comes to a home-made non-commercial Youtube clip. In other words, no derivatives.

– Uploading videos to other online services or duplicating it on youtube or vimeo is prohibited without a licence. 

– Airing on TV without a licence.

-Streaming videos in public places not limited but including hotel lobbies, trade shows, performances, educational facilities, museums, galleries, film festivals, point-of-sale displays, etc. We offer reward in form of infringement profit shares for reporting a copyright infringement that our legal department can handle. 

Stock footage and Commercial Use

Our growing video library consists of media made through the microscope and super-macro lenses. We are happy to discuss any projects and give recommendations. Our footage is available in up to 8k resolution.

The current collection includes:

– artistic colourful underwater life sequences and focus stacked time lapses in up to 6k resolution. We put extra effort into advanced camera motorization and we are proud to offer unique camera moves and angles of the familiar subjects.

– microscopy footage. Our techniques are resolution-oriented and are perfect opportunity for big screen & 4k projects.

– documentary story-oriented footage showing interesting hard-to-capture behaviour.

– fluorescence in marine animals


Focus stacked time lapses represent unique media content with stunning resolution and amount of detail. In UHD, 4k (or higher) resolution, these videos create a tremendous visual impact on a display of any size.

Our topics are extremely specialized, the content is expensive to produce, and we are not licensing footage for non-commercial (such as private use or any zero-budget productions) uses. We do not offer Royalty-Free type of pricing or unlimited use.

The footage is distributed as RM (Rights Managed) content and the fees are determined by the type of use, territory, duration, distribution media etc. The licensing is either by second, by minute, or by clip.

Our studio is well-equipped for commission work. Thus our clients have the possibility to get specific camera moves, specific colours, lights, animals, and shot dynamics that perfectly suit their unique needs. In many cases it is also more economical to commission the content and own the rights for it, compared to expensive marketing and advertising licence fees.

Use of Photography and Still Images

Non-commercial use of small images

Our photos can be copied and used for several types of non-commercial purposes. The images have to be attributed to BioQuest Studios and a link to this website has to be provided.

Examples of free use:

Personal website, social network page, or blog that does not promote anything that you sell and no money is involved anywhere aside from hosting and domain fees.

Editors of commercial websites and blogs (such as news) are required to obtain written permission from us. The media use of images that is discussed with us is likely to be free of charge, provided the story that accompanies the images fits into the vision of our company.

Educational or scientific presentations.

This category does not include the cases where you promote a research tool. Commercial educational products require licencing.

Some forms of use by Non-Profit organizations.

Please contact us for specifics.

Research paper or poster in some isolated casessmall images only, requires permission.
Does not include a cover image or a poster promoting a conference. Doesn’t include large images. 

Some journals have copyright policies that we cannot accept , namely image distribution with Creative Commons tag. Professional photography is incompatible with CC licences.

Social Media. Personal pages with link to our website. In most cases we allow commercial social media pages to use our images without references to their products.

Example of non-free use of social media: a company sells microscopes/lenses/cameras and claims that our images were taken with their products. Example of free use by commercial social media pages: “Check out photography/videos of this team” without any references to their own services or products.

Be very cautions about sharing our images for educational purposes – some website apply Creative Commons license to uploaded content (e.q. Wikipedia). We do not distribute our images under CC licence. Changing licence status of our work is not allowed. Leaking our images into CC category is a copyright infringement, as well all uses that follow the incorrect copyright tag.

Quality policies

We only trust resizing and minor adjustment (such as resizing and sharpening) if the editing person is a photographer with extensive experience. Despite seeming easy, that’s the main way of reducing photo quality online. We take quality issues seriously, therefore following modifications are not allowed:

– cropping
– resizing to a larger format
– watermark modification
– saving images in highly compressed format (such as jpg with compression value of less than 11)

Derivatives (including making illustrations) are not allowed without licence or a written permission.

Commercial use and licencing

Most of our images are available for Rights Managed (RM) licence use and you are welcome to contact us to outline your project. Licence fees for commercial uses vary depending on the intended medium of each image. They are based on industry standards. We do not offer “unlimited” use or Royalty Free (RF) type of pricing. To estimate the rate you need to provide us with detailed use information and duration.

Scientific images

Images produced within the context of past tax-funded research of our team members are not available for commercial use. No such images have been published on this website. However, this type of publication is possible when officially discussed with appropriate university departments.

No free content for clearly commercial uses

Over years we’ve seen all types of reasoning behind requests for free content or excuses for copyright infringements. We assure you, we’ve heard them all. Starting photographers and media producers are welcome to follow the link to learn more about how to respond to inquiries that can potentially damage their businesses.

Preview the original images before buying

If you have any concerns regarding the image size or quality, you can ask us to make original files available for preview. The images will be in jpg and watermarked.

We deliver our still images as 16-bit TIFF files with the embedded colour space of choice. We do provide with support and advise regarding quality control in printing of our high-resolution media, as well as various services that can make our images fit clients’ needs better.

3D/stereo image licencing

Some of our images can be converted into 3D formats as we record three-dimensional data. These images can be viewed on 3D-enabled screens, as stereo pairs, and in other formats. Stereo images are available for commercial use.  Please contact us for details.

Copyright Infringement Policies


Digital media is protected by copyright laws. While a lot of people feel entitled to using and making profit from work of media producers, copyright regulations and policies are constantly improving.

Unauthorized commercial uses of our copyrighted media will be vigorously perused by our legal department.