Closed Circuit Rebreather Liberty

For our underwater filming field work we chose to upgrade our rebreathers with the latest Divesoft’s Liberty CCRs due to their:

  • Versatility and modularity
  • Redundant safety
  • Excellent work of breathing
  • Fault-tolerant systems
  • Ease of operation
  • Capacity to explore and operate at mesophotic zones
  • Substantial productivity increase due to the extended bottom time
  • Full-face mask communication capabilities


BioQuest Productions maintains full CCR materials and support equipment, including oxygen, helium, Sofnolime, gas booster pumps, gas analyzers, O2 cell test kits etc.

Underwater filming is heavily reliant upon reducing crew deployment budget and increasing productivity, in other words, work efficiency. With the CCR Liberty equipment we are able to deliver a greater amount of content per day of operation.