Precision Motion Control

BioQuest Studios team has built and optimized motion control equipment for underwater studio use.

The features of our equipment:

  • Multi-axis moves
  • Ability to program or manually navigate the camera
  • High-precision
  • A variety of custom systems for a diverse range of subjects (from microscopy to wide macro)
  • Several systems are transportable
  • Real-time filming or time lapse
  • Compatible with Red cameras, DSLRs, and Sony FS
  • Stabilized through multiple means


Our motion control systems have been developed over several years and they allow filming a wide range of subjects at various scales, from microscopy to wide macro. They are designed to produce cinematic moves and immerse the viewer into the underwater environment. The systems are capable of giving unique perspectives and animal POV, navigate around complex environment, and reveal the smallest details of the underwater subjects at 4k and 8k resolutions.

Below is a showreel demonstrating various possibilities of our systems. The video is rendered at 2560×1440 px.

Compositing-friendly workflow

In many instances compositing provides a more efficient way of achieving cinematic look in underwater video. Using photogrammetry, set extensions, and sophisticated multi-layer image integration we help productions to minimize field costs and reduce carbon emissions required to run an underwater motion control shoot.