BioQuest Studios Team

Pete West

Pete West has been a commercial diver and professional mariner since 1972. In that time he has participated in and supervised many facets of the international diving industry. His experience and certification includes working in offshore oil fields, marine construction, hyperbaric medicine, photography, cinematography, submersibles, salvage, defence force liaison, and film and television.

Pete prides himself on his versatility, equally comfortable supervising major marine productions or operating and maintaining a range of camera, lighting and diving systems.

Daniel Stoupin

Daniel is a biologist, digital artist, and post-production generalist whose imaging skills originated from his scientific background. His involvement in research introduced him to microbiology, astrobiology, biophysics, marine biology, coral reef conservation, and, most importantly, to microscopy and advanced digital imaging. His main scientific passion is the evolution of vision, a topic that drives his technical expertise.

During his transition into professional filmmaking Daniel acquired skills as a post-production generalist. He puts a particular emphasis on designing innovative approaches for revealing the natural world and visual storytelling.

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